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An Cafe - Slims SF [15 Apr 2009|10:24pm]
[ mood | in love ]

An Cafe - Slims SF

April 14, 2009 - A day to remember.

So it begins before I'm even there, with 2 girls; Pandy and Victoria.
They get there asses there 10pm... THE DAY BEFORE. :claps:

They wait all night long in the cold evil windy San Francisco

Finally hours later, around noon the next day. I arrive.
Here begins my story.

I made it to SF in under 30 minutes.. A normal driver takes 45 min ~ 1 hour to get there... I wasn't in a rush or anything. So when I finally get there my hunt for parking begins. It was hell. Parking in SF is probably one of the most difficult things I've ever done. I decided I would just try and feed the meter until 6 pm. Which actually turned out to be cheaper than trying to use a parking garage. I ended up parking a smidge down the street from Slims front door. Making super easy access to the car, which everyone and their mother stowed shit in. XD (I'm totally fine with. Not like I was using the space.)

So after hours of waiting, talking of random obscure things. WIND BABIES! The doors open. I'm 6th in line, but because Slims is hardcore and I'm a boy I was kinda 3-4-5 in line. I was the first boy, so I got to slip over and get checked by a guy. (Lawsuit prevention.)

We all rush in.

I tripped up the stairs then tripped hella hard on the platform connected to the rail. Then some security guard decided he was gonna come over and try to tell us to go back to the door and walk over... BWAH! fxckthatshit. I cling to the rail harder as I get packed in. I watched out for Kai, and as soon as I saw her I grabbed her arm and dragged her to the rail with me. The pre-show music is playing. Me and Kai stand there squished to the rail trying to figure out artists and titles to the songs. They had Perfume (Polyrythm), Y.U.I. (Che.r.ry), Utada Hikaru (Travelling), Mika Nakashima (Precious,) and various other songs.


They run out on stage one by one. Screaming ensues. Joy everywhere, the moment we've been waiting for. It begins!

:insert set list:

Yuuki and I had a good couple moments there. We peace signed, me and Kai hearted him, he hearted back. He came to the front to high fives and what nots, and I grabbed his and and he HELLA grabbed mine back. BLAHA! Then we didn't let go, so after a good couple seconds I let go! BLAHAH!!GAHAH! :content:

Through out the concert Miku was super sexual! Orgasming with donald not once, not twice, but 3 times! Grabbing Yuuki's crotch. >__<; (Kinda jealous.)

Then the water bottles and Miku standing, one foot on the rail spewing water all over everyone. AMAZING. You could really tell the band was giving it there all. They really looked like they were enjoying themselves. Some a little more than is publicly acceptable. Miku! :lol:

The call for an encore was really long. People were giving up and everyone kept calling An Cafe. Encore (An Ko Re) would prolly work too.. << :cough: :ahem:

Finally they came out for the encore, the crowd went insane. It was amazing. LIKE AMAZING! During the last half of the encore, I had some drunk bitch all up on my trying to squeeze her way to the front hella trying to trip me and Shaina. Then when miku said it was picture time I put out my nyappy sign and the stupid bitch hella tried to peace sign in front of my face and I was like "Oh hell no!" Then Miku turned around and was like, "Hell no!" I WAS DYING! IT WAS SOOOOO FUCKING AMAZING.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of Yuuki. I srsly fell in love hardcore last night. Like.. I don't normally get this bad, I mean I'M IN LOVE WITH A MAN THAT DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM! :saD:

I feel like all the people that mattered, new friends and old, had a GREAT TIME.

Thank You Everyone. Thank You An Cafe. Thank You Slim's. Thank You Yuuki. <3!

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Battlestar Galactica Video [12 Jun 2008|07:05am]
I <3 BSG.

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Fanime : An Cafe <3 [27 May 2008|07:24pm]
[ mood | Nyappy! ]

Fanime : An Cafe

An Cafe

So this past weekend was Fanime, and what a Fanime is was, and I didn't even do anything in relation to Anime. My weekend was spent on doing An Cafe related things. Concert, Autograph Session, and Q&A Panel. Not to mention the lines for all of the above things.

in your eyes // i caught fire

This is my Trip. << [03 Jul 2006|05:57pm]
[ mood | Good.Memories! ]

So if anyone was wondering this is what my trip to Japan looked like. ^______^;
Japan TRIP!Collapse )

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Fanime and D'espairs Ray Concert [30 May 2005|08:55am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

It all started last Thursday, I went with Jessica, Lee, Mrs. Yurash, and Haido to get our Pre-Reg passes. Then we wandered around for about fifteen minutes. After that we decided to go home... I made it home late... 10.10 and my dad was irratated. heh.... Then sleep...
Friday, school.. anyways... ok So on friday I went home after school finished up all my packing. In that packing process I had everything and when I say everythings... I mean it! ^_^; So We then went off to the Hotel. I went in Nikki's dad's van. we got to the hotel but had to wait for everyone else and couldn't go to the Hotel rooms until Mrs.Yurash got there. So once we finally did get to the hotel rooms we all quickly got into costume... some of us not. then we poofed.... we were everywhere... I went to the swap meet. Then I did some other stuff and I didn't go to sleep until like 8 the next morning.
At like 11.30 or something i was in the room talking to people because i hadn't ssen them all day and people were like, "shut up!" (They were watching anime... I got pissed and stormed out... Then later Nikki came and told me that Ashley was in the bathroom sleeping on the floor because people had kicked her off the bed... I pulled my room key out and marched in... As nikki went to wake up ashley i was bitching at the people on ashley's bed (ashley hurt her back a while back so she's in hella pain sleeping on the floor... but she says she doesn't mind...) To the people on the bed, "GET the fuck off right now! Are you the one with the messed back.. No. Guess what Ashley is in the bathroom on the floor sleeping... so off. now!" Yeah i seriously said almost that exact thing.
10.30 am saturday, I went to Dealers room and saw gaia and then after that I went to go wait in line for the gaian panel which was really awesome. I like LOcke he's really cute... ^^;
After the Gaian Panel I walk around a bit then I think I I headed over to the ZZ concert. ZZ was good.. Haido thinks they're Orange Range~ish... true ture... but I still like them. From that I went to and followed my J-rock friends about. Then ran up to the room and probably went and changed...//
Saturday night/Sunday morning... Karaoke... :I sang "Lover Boy" by L'arc en ciel... ^_^;; people said i have a good voice... bleh...
Onto sunday. On sunday I went to the game show with ashley and i became a human buzzer... O.o... ^_^;;; it was interesting..luckilyi didn't have to answer questions on shoujo... cause i know nothing about it... ^_^;;;; what ever... anyways after that I went and walked about for a bit... hung with haido and amanda and shou. Then I left them and walked by myself meeting people...
Later that night i went with Haido, Shou, Amanda, Kikuye, Val, Asami, Kumo, Aki, Henry... and that other guy (who's name I don't know... ^_^;;; heh... sorry) to Der Cosplay. FIrst Haido, Amanda and Shou left.. then Everyone else i listed left... i was left alone...
I sat and waited for Gravitation one to come on and then it was sort of annoying because they did it in english... myeh whatever... it was still pretty good...
I then found Ariel. Whom i walked with for a little while. Then I headed up stairs and i found Ashley and some friends... we sat in the hall for a while talking and eating candy then hotel officials came and attacked us because the people in the rooms we were near complained... why they couldn't come out and just ask us to be quiet... i'll never know.. whatever.. so we all scattered..
The next day I woke up late and rushed and got dresses I then had to take my stuff the the car.. only after packing so then i rushed to the concert... yeah... I was like 16th or something like that. (general admission) I think it was pretty awesome.. ok so when we got in it was like a theatre literall... you know for plays.. 0.o... SO trashed light vision opened for them but before the concert strted we were told to not stand up... O.o um yeah... so we didn't... I didn't really like trashed light vision... I seriously almost fell asleep. Then after that D'ESPAIRS RAY! OMFG it was soooo cool! I had so much fun I don't remember the line up but its on Haido's journal... I think... ^_^;;But the did play Garnet and Mary of The Blod both of which I like.! ~~~~ YAY~~~~ I did way too much head banging because now my neck hurts... heh. I bought a little phone chain and it has a coffin that opens and it says, 'D'espairs RAy' on the inside... ^^ I had so much fun! and now back to normal life..

All in all fanime and D'esoairs Ray was awesome!
I want to go to J-Rock Con this november. but we'll see... I'll talk to Shou and Haido about it. Maybe I can stay with them ne?
<3 laters

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